A Day to Downsize: How to Clear Your Home of Stuff in Just One Day

Whether you are a recent retiree, a single mother with kids, or simply someone who relishes the thought of living in a smaller, cosier setting, downsizing offers many benefits. Larger properties cost more in every way, from utility bills, maintenance and repairs, to taxes and insurance. Less space too, means retired couples don't become tired couples and that children can be easily monitored. These benefits mean that more homeowners are seeking to live in smaller properties. However, one of the downsides to downsizing whilst still working or caring for a child is a lack of time.

When time is at a premium due to mounting work and childcare responsibilities, you could find yourself in the undesirable situation of having just a day or two to clear out. Although at first the task might seem insurmountable, by identifying the right tools early, you could theoretically clear out your cluttered home in a day.

Identify the Junk and Purge

If you have lived in your current home for a while, then it's likely that you have accrued a substantial amount of junk. You'll need to be merciless here. No more clinging to dusty piles of unused board games or stacks of seldom-used crockery.

Go through your house tallying up the junk as you go. Then get on the phone to a skip bin hire service. Tell them you have a lot of general household waste to dispose of and roughly how much there is, and they will recommend a suitably sized skip bin. Have them deliver it in the morning so you can easily dispose of your junk throughout the day.

Place Your "Home Clearout" Ads

Ideally, when making a note of the junk, you should also be identifying and valuing items for sale. If you are a couple, perfect. One can identify, the other can get onto the appropriate sites, take pictures and create "home clearout" ads that will attract more attention because people are looking for bargains.

Try selling furniture in sets, for example, kitchen sets, bedroom sets, bathroom sets etc. This might result in faster sales. Ensure you notify potential buyers that they have a single day to purchase your items. This will stir up even more attention.

Notify the Neighbours

To increase your chances of selling your things quickly, place a sign or two on your front lawn and gate explaining that you are selling off items of furniture for a swift move. Leave your phone number, and online reference numbers so people can easily access your ads while passing by.

Prepare for Storage if Need Be

You need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, too. If for whatever reason you cannot shift a sizeable portion of your unwanted possessions and furniture, you may need to put them into storage instead. At least this way, you can sell your things and be able to move out quickly.

As long as you act quickly, it is possible to clear out your home in preparation for a last-minute downsize. One final and often-overlooked benefit of skip bins is that you may be visited by a treasure hunter or two throughout the day. If you are lucky, they will make more room in your skip bin for any leftover junk you might discover hidden in your attic later.

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