Two Ways to Prepare for the Arrival of a Rented Skip

Do you have a big cleanup project coming up? Here are two things you should do to prepare for a skip bin hire. 

1. Block off the area outside your home where you want the skip to be placed

You should block off the area outside your home where you're planning to have someone drop off the skip bin hire. For example, if your property doesn't have a driveway and you need to put the skip in a publicly available parking space on the street, you should purchase some traffic cones and put them in this space the night before the skip is supposed to be delivered. If you don't and a driver leaves their car in that space, you might have no other option but to have the delivery driver place the bin a few parking spaces away from your home. This could make putting heavy items into it tiring and very time-consuming.

Similarly, if you have space on your property for this skip but you have several housemates, you should ensure that the part of your driveway or garden that you'd like to have the bin dropped off is sectioned off. You can do this by running some tape around the area or just leaving a large, easy-to-spot note in this space that indicates that you need to use it. 

2. Break down any bulky refuse you're planning to put into the skip

It's worth breaking down the bulkier refuse you'd like to put into this bin before it's dropped off. For example, if you have an old wardrobe that you're throwing away, you should remove its doors, detach the back and side panels from one another and remove its feet. If you have the time, you could even take this a step further and use a saw to slice up the furniture's pieces.

There are two reasons to do this. Firstly, by disassembling your rubbish, you'll be able to fit more of it into the bin than if you left it in its assembled state. You could then avoid the expense of paying for a second skip if you have a lot of rubbish. Secondly, if you have a lot of bulky rubbish which is going to take a long time to disassemble, and you break apart this bulkier rubbish before the skip arrives, you won't run the risk of having to extend the skip rental period because you need time to take this refuse apart before putting it in the bin. This could also keep your bin hire costs low.

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