Rubbish Removal Tips: Things You Shouldn't Dump in a Skip Bin

Skip bin hire is one of the convenient waste removal options you can consider today. This service enables you to get rid of different forms of waste that are produced in your home to keep everyone healthy and conserve the environment. However, you cannot place all types of waste in a skip bin — there are waste disposal regulations you must follow. These rules are designed to ensure that the waste disposal process runs smoothly. Knowing the kind of waste you cannot place in a skip is imperative to avoid issues with your rubbish removal expert.

This post will outline several items you cannot dump in your standard skips.


This is one of the hazardous materials that's commonly found in houses that were constructed a few decades ago. Its fibres are airborne, so when they are released into the air and inhaled, the fibres become attached to the lungs and can't be eliminated. Over time, the fibres cause diseases like asbestosis, mesothelioma and other dangerous conditions. As such, the government has imposed stringent regulations on the disposal of this material, and that's why you cannot dump it in a regular skip bin. An asbestos removal expert has to be hired to remove, clean and dispose of the hazardous material.


Most homeowners today still wonder if they can dispose of glass in skips. In fact, this is one of the common questions rubbish removal experts get. The truth is that glass is a hazardous and harmful material that must be handled and disposed of carefully. Moreover, it cannot be placed in a skip bin, so the only option you have is to contact a glass recycling company to help with the disposal. Such a company will provide special disposal containers for the glass and share essential precautions you must take to avoid accidents. The broken glass is crushed or ground and then reused safely.

Electric bulbs

Many people today rely on fluorescent bulbs for lighting. But did you know that these bulbs cannot be dumped in a skip? Fluorescent bulbs contain harmful materials such as mercury, and that's why they can't be placed in skips. You have to get in touch with specialised recycling centres to recycle all the old bulbs.

Gas cylinders

Empty or full gas cylinders can be dangerous both to humans and the environment. So, if you want to dispose of your cylinder, you must contact a gas supplier to collect it. Gas cylinder recycling establishments can also help.

To learn more, contact a skip bin supplier.

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