Construction Sites: Three Management Options for Excavated Soil Material

If you are planning for construction on your property, you should evaluate your excavated waste disposal options before commencing the project. Most of the building work will require excavation of the ground. For instance, you will need to dig the land to lay the foundation. Also, flat surfaces such as driveways and parking lots will require some level of excavation for base preparation. If the excess soil is not disposed of correctly, it will become an eyesore in your property. Moreover, it will pose some hazards, especially when piled up. Here are your options for managing your excess construction soil.

Construction Site Reuse

You should look for opportunities to reuse the excavated soil within your construction site. This option is the cheapest for managing this waste because you will not need to haul it from your property. It is also environmentally friendly because the material will not end up in a landfill. If you need backfill for your other construction tasks, you can use the excavated material. The soil might also be valuable for landscaping projects. You should note that for the soil to be suitable for reuse, it must be clean. In other words, it should pose no danger to humans, plants, animals or the general environment.

Sell Clean Soil 

There are companies that purchase soil for reuse or sale. You should consider this as your management option for excavated material during your construction project. In simple terms, there are individuals and companies around the country who require clean soil for their property. For example, they might be performing construction or landscaping projects, but their ground could be unsuitable for their purposes. When you sell your clean soil to dealers, these parties will purchase it for their purposes. If your excavated material is not free of contaminants, you can consult a company which recycles, processes or treats soil. 

Landfill Disposal

Excavated material from construction sites can be disposed of in an approved landfill. This option is ideal if your soil is not suitable for reuse or recycling. If you are interested in this management choice, you can choose to obtain a dump truck to collect and dispose of the waste in the landfill. However, you can also contact a waste management company to provide garbage bins for collection. You should note that these businesses have clear guidelines on the type of material they will handle. Therefore, if your soil is polluted of filled with green waste, you should make inquiries from the disposal company before hiring. 

For more information and options, contact professional excavation services in your area.

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